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New research relevant to conservation in western North America

The Conservation Science Blog is intended to bring new and relevant research to the attention of conservation scientists, and facilitate discussion on how to apply this science to further conservation goals in western North America.

SCB seeks a director for the North American Policy Program

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is a global community of conservation professionals with over 4,000 members (resource managers, educators, government and private conservation workers, informed members of the public, and students) dedicated to advancing the science and practice of conserving the Earth’s biological diversity. SCB seeks a North American Policy Director to fill two critical roles: (1) to help prepare and implement the policy process guided by SCB’s strategic plan; and (2) to empower the membership by providing them with the information and skills necessary to influence the policy process themselves. This is a new position. The North American Policy Director is responsible for coordinating all of SCB’s policy activities in the U.S. and Canada. This position requires significant abilities and experience in communications, a broad understanding of SCB’s mission and philosophies, sensitivity to maintaining an objective role for SCB scientists in the policy arena, collaboration with other professional societies and scientists, and a clear vision for SCB’s role in influencing conservation policy and compelling ideas on how to achieve it. For more information see this announcement or this pdf.

New version of the Connectivity Analysis Toolkit (1.3.0) released

The Connectivity Analysis Toolkit is a software interface that provides conservation planners with tools for both linkage mapping and landscape-level ‘centrality’ analysis.

We have just released Version 1.3 with the following changes:
Updated python and python packages, including NetworkX to version 1.8dev.
Updated Hexsim-based functions to Hexsim version 2.5.1, which improves conversion of .asc input files to hxn files.
Added support for locales (e.g., areas in Europe) that use a comma instead of a period as decimal separator.

The free software can be downloaded here.