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New research relevant to conservation in western North America

The Conservation Science Blog is intended to bring new and relevant research to the attention of conservation scientists, and facilitate discussion on how to apply this science to further conservation goals in western North America.

New Handbook on Assessment and Planning for Ecological Connectivity

A new report titled “Assessment & Planning for Ecological Connectivity: A Practical Guide” has been produced by a team of scientists convened by the Wildlife Conservation Society’s North America Program. The report can be downloaded here.

Species ranges are shifting upward and poleward faster than expected

A new paper in the Journal Science by Chen and colleagues finds that species ranges are moving upward in elevation and towards the poles faster than has been expected from previous studies. Species’ ranges have climbed an average of 11 meters higher and 16.9 km closer to the poles per decade, with species in areas experiencing the greatest climate shift also showing the greatest range movement. Read more