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New research relevant to conservation in western North America

The Conservation Science Blog is intended to bring new and relevant research to the attention of conservation scientists, and facilitate discussion on how to apply this science to further conservation goals in western North America.

Species recovery as a carbon offset? Carbon credits proposed for whale conservation

In a talk on 25 February at the American Geophysical Union’s 2010 Ocean Sciences meeting in Portland, Oregon, researcher Andrew Pershing proposed that carbon credits be granted for whale conservation. Read more

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Citizen science and its role in the emerging “Fourth Paradigm” of data-intensive science

A new paper in Nature Precedings by Fink et al. outlines how data collected by citizen-scientists can help advance research in ecology and conservation biology. Read more

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New research on ecosystem conservation and management under climate change

Several papers addressing the challenges of conserving ecosystems under changing climates are forthcoming Read more

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Wolf recovery as a restoration tool

A new paper in the February issue of Bioscience  by Daniel Licht et al. proposes that recovery of wolves and other top predators

Read more

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New Feature on the Effects of Roads and Traffic on Wildlife Populations and Landscape Function

The open-access journal Ecology and Society has just published a Special Feature on “The Effects of Roads and Traffic on Wildlife Populations and Landscape Function”. Read more

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Special Section in Conservation Biology

Related to the posts below, the latest issue (24:1) of Conservation Biology includes a Special Section on “Ecological Responses to Contemporary Climate Change within Species, Communities, and Ecosystems.”

The Section Introduction by Belant, Beever, Gross, and Lawler notes that the 7 papers in this section “provide insights from disciplines ranging from physical climatology, to community ecology, to international policy. They contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges conservation practitioners and natural resource managers face and to development of more-informed and appropriate responses to those challenges.” Timely!

The paper by Wiens and Bachelet is particularly compelling for those of us working on issues related to wildlife habitat connectivity across multiple spatial scales and jurisdictions.  I am providing a link to the abstract here.  If you can’t access the article, let me know.  Enjoy!

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